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DM full form?

Friends, today we will talk about what is DM full form, apart from this we will also tell you full form of DM in Medical, Government service, WhatsApp, and in maths

Friends ‘DM‘ You must have heard this word many times in your daily life. Maybe you have also used this word too many times. But do you know what is the meaning of ‘DM’, so Today we tell you what is DM Meaning?

The full forms of DM. come from Different – Different Fields. to know the information in details read the full article.

DM full form in WhatsAppDirect message

The Full form of DM is Direct Message. DM is an online social media platform term that permits private messages between users of a social network.

Direct Message (DM) is an informing internet based life application and just obvious to the sender and recipient(s).

The DM term is well known via web-based networking media systems like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.

On the Twitter site (a free social informing device), DM is short for the direct message and it is using to send a private tweet to an individual you are following.

You can see DMs from the Messages tab of your Twitter profile. You can likewise decide to get email notifications of new messages.

When to use direct messages

Social media plays a major role in building and maintaining the online reputation of the business. Publicly visible acclaim goes a long way to validating a brand. While criticism can have a significant negative impact on sales. While it is important that brands negative criticism and do not shy away from it.

When users tweet negative feedback or post on a business Facebook page, a tried-and-true method is to respond publicly and follow up with a direct message. This makes it clear. That you are not hiding from the encounter and shows the complainant that you are standing behind your products or services; And importantly, it shows the audience of your account.

DM full form in medical

Doctorate of medicine. This is a degree in the field of medical that is given to those doctors who pass their Graduation First Division from a medical college.

We many times heard about DM and also use DM but we didn’t think that what is the mean of DM.

M.D. represents Doctor of Medicine. It is a post-advanced education over a time of 3 years that can be pursued after in non-surgical fields after MBBS. For instance, MD in Internal Medicine. Subjects as per one’s picked field of specialization. 

D.M. represents Doctorate of Medicine. It is a post-graduate super claim to fame degree over a time of 3 years that can be complete after an MD/DNB degree. For instance, DM in Cardiology after MD in Internal Medicine. Subjects as per one’s picked field of specialization.

DM full form in government service

On the other hand, DM has meaning in government service as Administrative Services,

Full form of DM stands for District Magistrate

DM means “District Officer”. The main function of a DM is to maintain law and order in his district, in each district, there is a District Magistrate who also monitors the officers working at their level.

DM is called a district officer, head of the district, District Collector, who protects and serves service to the district.they are also called District Judge.

what qualification needs to become DM?

To become a DM, it is very important for a candidate to have a graduation certificate from any recognized university, only after getting a Graduation Pass, you can prepare to become a DM.


Different age limits need for each category to become DM. For example, the age limit for the general category is keeping from 21 years to 30 years. The age limit for the OBC category has been keeping from 21 years to 33 years with relaxation of 3 years, for SC / ST class from 21 years to 35 years, with 5 years of relaxation.

What is DM selection process

To become a DM, the candidate needs to pass the CSE (Civil Service Exam) to be held in UPSC. After this, you are selected for IAS. After this, you become an IAS officer, and on promotion, an IAS officer is made DM.

preliminary examination

After applying for UPSC, you have to pass the preliminary examination, this is the first step.

Main exam

when you pass the preliminary examination, after that you have to take the main exam, friends, this is the second stage. The candidates who pass the preliminary examination appear in the main examination, and this is the final examination. After this, you are select for personal interviews.


Friends, when you pass the written test, then after that you are interviewed. In which you are asked some questions, on which you are selected.

How to prepare for DM

To prepare for DM, you have to increase your General Knowledge, and for this, you must first have Books, and for this you can also read Daily News Paper.

For preparing DM you need to have legal knowledge for this. So you also read the books of law.

 You can also take the help of the previous year’s question paper to prepare for DM. In this, you will also get information about the preparation of DM.

Dm full form in maths

The decimal measuring standard likewise has units for weight notwithstanding length. The kilogram is the most widely recognize technique for estimating mass. One kilogram contains 1,000 grams, as the prefix recommends.

The decimal standard is the most generally utilize for estimation framework in the world. Every single significant country aside from the United States has received it. The system generally progresses to powers of 10. The circumference is 10 cm, while a meter is 10 times a circumference.

The decimal measuring standard likewise has units for weight notwithstanding length. The kilogram is the most widely recognize technique for estimating mass. One kilogram contains 1,000 grams, as the prefix recommends.

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DM full form|Full form of DM in medical, government service, WhatsApp

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