OK full from

OK full form –  OKEY , All Correct

OK  is the abbriviation of All correct of standerd english.

Use of OK


Ok means all right or correctly.


OK is defined as all right.

An example of OK used as an interjection is in the sentence, “OK! I will be there as soon as  possible!” which signifies “OK! I will be there ASAP!”

OK is an approval.
A case of OK utilized as a thing is in the sentence, “He gave the OK for the venture to start,” which implies that he said it was fine for the task to start


OK is defined as to approve.

History of OK full form

A ton of research has attempted to discover the origin of “OK”, it is claimed that composed records of the term OK are found as back as the mid-1800s.

Another interesting school thought asserts that it began during a war when the fighters from the war front got back to for from the save, the medium utilized was the telegraph. they would simply communicate something specific 4.K. which means 4 fighters were slaughtered and 0.K. which means nobody was killed that day.

OK full form
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