CGPA full form

CGPA full form- Cumulative Grade Point Average

The CGPA full form stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average

CGPA is Cumulative Grade Point Average is an educational grading system, it shows the performance of the student and what is his progress in the academic year. The CGPA is classified as a grading system like A B C D and F, who student  gives good/poor performance and got good/poor marks in the exam that student grading slab following type

Percentage CGPA Classification
90% to 100% O or A+ Outstanding
70% to 89% A First class
50% to 69% B+ Second class
40% to 49% B Pass class
Below 39 F Fail

CGPA full form in education

  • If student got between 90% to 100% that student CGPA is O or A+ means outstanding
  • Between 70% to 89% alloted CGPA grade is A means first class
  • 50% to 69% B+ means second class
  • Who got between 40% to 49% alloted CGPA grade is B only pass and below 39% all student lead failure
  • The CGPA is calculated by all semester performance grade after the completion of academic year, and after that student allotted grades from ( A to F)

How to calculate CGPA ?

  • 9.5 is the GP of all  subject
  • All percentage of marks = 9.5*CGPA
  • You will get your CGPA easily
Full form of CGPA| CGPA full form in education| how to calculate CGPA?

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