Full form of ROFL

Full form of ROFL – Rolling on floor laughing

ROFL Full form – what is ROFL use, friends do you know what is the full form of ROFL, and what is ROFL, if you do not have an answer then you do not need to feel sad because today we are going through this article They will know what ROFL is, and what is its full form? Let’s get all kinds of general information about ROFL in easy language with the help of this article.

The full form of ROFL is “Rolling On Floor Laughing”, the meaning of ROFL is “Laughing Lot on the Floor”. There are many more full forms of ROFL. Let’s know in detail about all the full forms of ROFL.

Rolling On Floor Laughing

Running On Four Legs

What is ROFL

ROFL is a very popular internet slang among the youth and is used on social networking sites to indicate a blunt laugh in a funny situation. It is generally use in chatting. It is only a chat slang and you will not find its meaning in any dictionary.

There are some other internet slangs that can be use instead of ROFL. They have almost identical meanings. These Internet slangs are as follows: LOL, LMAO, etc. These are informal terms that can only be use in messaging or chatting on social networking sites.

For example-A boy updates his Facebook status –

Complete Forms of IT Companies

  • NIIT: Not interested in IT.
  • Wipro: weak input, bad and rubbish output.
  • HCL: Hidden Cost and Loss.
  • Infosys: Our Offline System.
  • TCS: Completely Confusing Solution.
  • Satyam: Sad and Tide Yelling Away Madley.
  • Order: On-line romance and chatting with female employees.

Full form of ROFL

ROFL or ROTFL, commonly use to express that you are laughing so hard that you are rolling on the floor. ROFL is often use in a text conversation, users have also extended this shorthand to the words below, of course, this list could potentially expand to other variations; However, these are the most commonly used variations.

Friends, today there are many slangs on the internet which can be use instead of ROFL. They also have almost the same meaning. This internet slang is as follows: LOL, LMAO, etc. which are used only in messaging or chatting on social networking sites

Full form of ROFL |where to use ROFL full form slang

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