Hii everybody welcomes to the full form nonstop! In a recent post we learn about VSR full form and today we are going to learn MPSC full form.

The full form of MPSC stands for Maharashtra public service commission. In the MPSc world, people struggling for selection in the Maharashtra public service commission and day by day competition is also increasing.

To get select in the MPSC exam to have great knowledge about all world and more concentration, without focus you cannot get select.

MPSC every time opens new few vacancies for people and a thousand times more competition for a few seats, so now you got what level of knowledge you should have to possess.

MPSC full form – Syllabus of MPSC world

when people applied for the exam they starting to find out what type of syllabus will include in the exam.

which book should we have to refer? this is the most task of MPSC exam preparation.

The MPSC syllabus is the basis of general awareness, aptitude, reasoning, mathematics, English grammar, Marathi grammar and many more.

It means the applicant has to be full fill from all sides.

Friends, MPSC is a state service exam, after which you get a chance to become a Claas 1 officer, so let’s know about MPSC

Maharashtra Public Service Commission is a full form of MPSC.

MPSC’s Marathi full form is also the form “महाराष्ट्र लोकसेवा आयोग”.

So, friends, we have seen what the full form of MPSC is. So let’s see all the information about MPSC with details.

Friends MPSC is a state service examination that is limited to one state.

Such state service examinations are conducting in different names in every state. Such as MPSC is organizing for Maharashtra.

Through MPSC, class 1 officer and class 2 officer are appointed, in which many senior officers are elected through this MPSC. This is a high-level exam. Which are known by different names in every state.

Claas 1 Officer to be selected through MPSC

Deputy Collector
Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP)
Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP)
Sub-Registrar Cooperative Societies
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Block Development Officer (BDO)
Desk Officer
Assistant Regional Transport Officer (ARTO)
MFAS (Maharashtra Finance and Account Service-
Chief Officer (Municipality) (I & II)
Assistant Commissioner of Sales Tax-
Ministry Section Officer
Taluka Inspector of Land Records (TILR)
Naib Tehsildar

The format of the MPSC exam

The format of the MPSC exam is very different and harder than other exams, so MPSC is seen as a very hard exam. MPSC exam is taken 3 steps.

So which are those 3 steps, know about it in detail.

Main examination
These are 3 steps of the MPSC exam, so let’s know how to take the exam under these 3 steps.


By the name of this, you will know what are the pre-examinations? Friends, this exam is about 200 marks. For this, you are given 2 hours, within this time you have to solve all these questions

The format of this question paper is objective type. Marathi, Hindi, English are available in these three languages. MPSC is considered to be a very prestigious examination for which the candidates study for 14 hours a day.

You will get its course just like the UPSC exam. This head is applicable for pre-examination. These tests are taken to find out the intelligence of the candidate.

So this was the information of the pre-examination, I hope that you understand, now we will know about the main examination.

Main Examination

this is the biggest and important exam for MPSC, which is 400 marks, mostly depending on the exam. If you pass this main examination, then you will be able to interview stage otherwise you cannot go beyond it.

Therefore, the main examination is very important and equally difficult.

In the main examination, you have to give 6 papers in total, which is 400 marks. You are given 3 hours for each paper. At this time you have to answer all the questions.



History & Geography

Indian Constitution & Indian Politics

Human Resource Development

Economics of Planning & Development Science & Technology Development

Friends, you have these 4 papers in the main examination and for every paper, you have 3 hours. Marathi and English are slightly different from this.

In which you have questions like the long answer, essay, press council, letter writing, therefore the format of these two subjects is slightly different.


Friends meet at the last stop of MPSC. Whoever comes to this place is very intelligent.

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