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Definition of RAM full form in Computer & mobile – Meaning of RAM

Let’s learn about RAM full form in English– Random Access Memory (random access memory) is a place in the computer, tablet, and mobile where the operating system (OS), applications (apps) and data are kept for immediate use. So that it can be used quickly by the device’s CPU.

RAM can do such tasks as reading or writing something else other storage devices like Hard Disk / Hard Disk Drive (HDD full form), faster than CD / DVD / VCD.

In Random Access Memory (RAM full form), information & data exists as long as the computer is running. As soon as you shut down the computer, the RAM is cleared. If we have to do that data later then it has to be saved in permanent memory like hard disk/pen drive etc.

When we start (ON) Computer or mobile then the operating system (OS) and other necessary drivers & files are loaded in RAM.

Types of RAM

D RAM -RAM full form

D RAM full form – Its full form is Dynamic Random Access memory. – The term dynamic shows that the memory must be consistently refreshed. The DRAM is typically used for main memory in computing devices.

If a PC or Smartphone is advertised as 4-GB RAM or 16-GB RAM, these numbers indicate the size and capacity of the DRAM, or main memory, in the device.


Its full form is Static Random Access memory. – While DRAM is typically used for main memory, today SRAM is often used for system cache.

SRAM is said to be stable because it does not need to be refreshed unlike dynamic RAM, which needs to be refreshed thousands of times per second. As a result, SRAM is faster than DRAM.

However, both types of RAM are temporary, meaning they lose their data & information when power is off.


DDR SD-RAM full form is Double Data Rate SD RAM, it is a new technology. This is a new form of SD RAM that theoretically improves memory clock speed to 200 megahertz (Mhz) or more.

It often sends and takes data like SD RAM.

DDR 1-2 memory is now out of fashion, now it is available in DDR3 / DDR4 market and is more used.

Modules of DDR memory are 184-pin DIMMs.

Advantage & disadvantage of RAM

  • This causes software/applications to load fast.
  • RAM consumes less power than other disk drives such as hard disk drive (HDD) / CD / DVD.
  • Unsaved data cannot be recovered when power is off or device (computer/smartphone/tablet etc) is restarted. Which can be quite dangerous.
  • There is less space in RAM, so the cost of every bit is read more. Which makes RAM expensive.

Input Devices

Output Devices

Use of RAM in Computer & mobile / RAM usage

Random-access memory is computer data storage currently being used. It stores data and machine code.This allows the data to be read or written at almost the same time, even though the data is in different places inside the memory.

RAM discovery / Invention of Random Access Memory The first practical form of RAM was the Williams Tube in 1947. It stores data in the form of an electric charge spot on the face of the cathode ray tube. Since the CRT’s electron beam can read and write spots on the tube in any order

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