URL full form

URL full form | full form of URL| URL full form in computer

URL full form stands for Uniform Resource Locator

The URL full form in Computer -Uniform Resources Locator

The URL works like an address or a way to reach a website, if you want to reach a website, then you need to know the URL of that website, and then only you can access that website.

What is the URL?

As we said the URL Full Form In Computer – uniform resource locator, this is an address to reach a website. It is a way to access files, documents stored on the internet. The URL can be access or read-only by Web Browser like – Google Chrome, UC Browser, Internet Explorer.

History of URL

The URL was define by Tim Berner Lee in 1914, he was the first to bring this technology to the world. They are called the inventors of the URL. It was for the first time that he brought the idea to everyone that an organization that gives a unique location address to all web pages can make it easier to search online.

url full form in computer

Parts of URL

Any URL consisting of 3 parts constitutes a complete URL.

The first part is the Protocol Identifier. HTPP means hypertext transport protocol. Through which communication is done between client and server.

The second part is a Domain Name. The domain name is the name of a particular website. Which makes it easy to identify it. Which tells which server to access the data from.

The third part is the Path and Name of the document. It shows what kind of website it is.

How URL works?

Every website on the Internet has an Ip Address which is numerical. Like – www.Google.Com’s Ip Address is Whenever we enter the URL of a website in the Browser, after that our Browser converts that URL into DNS (Domain Name System) and reaches the website which we are still searching for.

Initially, the website was access only by IP address but it is numerical which is difficult to do, probably because the Domain Name System started being used.

full form in computer

Type of URL

There are many types of URLs. Let’s know about some main URLs.

Messy URL

This type of URL has lots of numbers and letters. Which makes an organization sense. These URLs are created by Computer. Which creates a large number of web pages of the same domain name.

Like – http://Www.Example.Com/khojohindime090484293780

Dynamic URL

Dynamic URLs are the end result of a database query that provides content output to the result of any query. The result of a query shows characters like?,%, +, =, $ In Dynamic URL. Their use is mainly on the website use by the consumer for example- shopping, traveling websites in which the user keeps changing their queries repeatedly so that the answers also change.

Static URL

Static URLs are completely hard-wiring with Webpage’s HTML coding. This URL never changes, even if the user requests anything.


This type of URL is quite dangerous which is use in Phishing Scam as its name suggests that it is hidden. This URL is using very cleverly so that it looks completely original, then when a user clicks it, then it redirects them to the Malicious Website.

URL Shortening

The process of shortening any long or long URL is called URL Shortening because it is very difficult to share large URLs. That is why many companies have created many online translators, due to which a full URL can be shortened and the short URL can be used anywhere.

There are many popular URL shorteners from which URLs can be shorted easily, for example- t.co, lnkd.in, bit.ly and goo.gl.

Secure URLs

Secure URLs are websites that start from https: // The URLs of such websites are called secure URLs. This means if you enter any of your personal information on such a website, and then it gets encrypted before being transmitted and it is not easy to hack it.


Friends, today we learn about URL Full Form In Computer, how URL works, how many types of URLs are there, what are the parts of URLs, what is called shortening of URLs, more important related to URLs We learned the information.

I hope you have understood all this information in URL Full Form In Computer, If you have any question related to this, you can comment in the comment box, we will try our best to answer your questions.

URL full form | full form of URL| URL full form in computer |URL ka full form

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