Full form of BBL
BBL full form

BBL full form of BBL in chat

The BBL full form in chat stands for Be Back Later. learn the best internet slang of messaging, full form of BBL how can we use in chatting while talking with friends.

when we spend time with our friends on the internet chatting on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, tumbler, etc. that time if we have some urgent work and have to leave chat for a while so we can use BBL in short form that means Be back later.

for example :

I want to go for dinner my family is waiting for me, BBL.

The guests arrived, now I have to leave the chat, BBL

Kids are fighting let me handle them, you stay online BBL…

BBL is denoting that the person will back after some time.

BBL full form in chat | Full form of BBL while chatting
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