augmented reality
Augmented Reality

What does the AR full form stand for?

In a recent post, we learn the full form of FOR and today we are going to learn about AR full form in computer technology.

The AR full form stands for Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that enhances the user’s view of the real world with computer-generated content.

A type of environment is created in Augmented Reality, which is computer generate ie “Generated By Technology”.

Under this, the environment created by the computer is brought to the real environment. thus providing a holistic view.

In AR, real-world environmental elements are augmented by computer-generated content such as images, animations, videos, and 3D models.

Thus allowing users to view the same area in real-time with an additional virtual world to view the real world. AR utilizes the gadget’s camera, compass and GPS information to recognize the client’s area and field of view.

The world of augmented reality is amazing. Because it is beyond our expectations. It completely changes the real atmosphere. Nowadays there are many applications for AR.

There are many full forms of AR with different abbreviation have a look

Acceleration request 
Account Review 
Accounts Receivable 
Acquisition radar 
Action Relief 
Address Register 
Altersheim Rotmonten 
Amateur Radio Amateur Radio
Animal Rights
Applied Research 
Apportionment Request 
Aqua Regia 
Argon Gas 
Artist Resource 
Assembly and Repair 
Audio Rate 
Avis de Reception 

AR full form in computer|what does AR stand for?
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