what is the computer full form
computer full form

What is the computer full form?

Hey, what is the computer full form every one using a computer and every technical and programming work depends on the computer but no one thinks to try to find out what is the computer full form.

So friends no worry about the full form of computer here we write a post about the full form of computer and ups for computer full form, full form of computer in English.

So, first of all, know what is a computer full form and what is the meaning of the computer.

what is computer full form – computer stands for common oriented machine. particularly united and used under Technical and educational research

Actually the word computer is origin from the word “Compute” in English, which means “Compute”, which is why it is also known as a calculator or computer.

Its invention was for calculating, in the old time’s the computer was used only for calculating but nowadays it is using for making documents, E-mail, listening and watching audio and video, play games, database preparation as well and many being in widescreen

What is the history of the computer?

Today, you run the internet on a computer, play games, watch videos, listen to songs and in addition do a lot of office-relate work, today computers are using in every region of the world whether it is education, film.

Be it the world or your office. Any place is incomplete without a computer.

Today, with the help of a computer, you can get any information about any city in the world on the internet in a second, you can do live video conferencing through the internet from your friends and relatives sitting in another country.

Yes, all this is possible due to the computer. Imagine what the world would look like today if there was no computer.

Where did the computer start and why? Was the computer really built to do all these things or was it invented due to some other reason?

It has been difficult for humans to calculate from the beginning. Human beings can calculate or calculate only to a limited level without any machine. To do a lot of calculations, humans have to depend on the machine itself to fulfill this need. Built computers, that is, to calculate.

Abacus – 3000 years ago

Abacus was created by scientists in China about 3000 years ago.

In a rectangular frame, wooden sticks were kept, which were calculated upwards or downwards.

That is, it was the main PC to run without power, truth be told, it was subject to your hands to accomplish this work.

Antikythera system – 2000 years ago

Antikythera is basically an astronomical calculator tracked solar and lunar planets in Ground Greece.

The Antikythera is about 2000 years old, and scientists found it in 1901 from a ship that was completely destroyed on Antikythera Island Acquired in a chronic-dilapidated state, that is why its name Antikythera System came into existence since then scientists were engaged in decoding it and long studies This computer has been decoded so later.

This machine works to show the position of the planets as well as the sun and moon in the sky.

The Antikythera system received the credit for being the first known analog computer in the modern era, the Greek Antikythera system was developed to correctly estimate astronomical and mathematical data.

Pascaline – 1642

Pascaline was built after Abacus. It was made by the specialist of mathematics Blaise Pascal in 1642,

Pascaline used to calculate more speed than Abacus. It was the first mechanical calculator.

This machine was called Adding Machine, this Blade Pascal’s Adding Machine is also called Pascaline.

Difference Engine – 1822

The differential engine was an instrument created by Sir Charles Babbage that could perform calculations accurately, invented in 1822, using punch cards for program storage.

It used to run with steam, its basis is being built today, so Charles Bawej is called the father of computers.

Jus Z – 3 – 1941

The great scientist “Conard Juice” invented the “Zuse-Z3” salt, an amazing instrument that was the first electronic computer based on Binary Arithmetic and Floating-point Arithmetic.

Aniac – 1946

A US military research room built an “ENIAC” machine meaning Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer.

ENIAC” worked Decimal Arithmetic framework, later “ENIAC” first got known as a PC which later advanced into a cutting edge PC

Manchester Small Scale Machine (SSEM) – 1948

(SSEM) was the first computer that could protect any program in a vacuum tube, its nickname Baby, it was made by Frederick Williams and Tom Kilburn

Characteristics of Computer- a specialty of computer – what is computer full form

The computer has become an integral part of human life due to its features. Everyone uses computers according to their own characteristics, computers have many specialties.

Let’s know the specialty of computers -Features of Computers

The specialty of computers – Features of computers

The first feature of computer – Speed

While one sets aside you a little effort to do a little computation, the PC can do a great deal of figurings in under a second, this speed is given by the processor.

The speed of the computer is calculated in Hertz, the computer working The intensity is calculated per second, per millisecond, per second, per nanosecond.

The second characteristic of a computer is Accuracy.

Performing error-free work means completing any good work with complete accuracy is another characteristic of computers, a computer does not make a mistake.

The computer always gives the correct result, because the computer is not made by the program made by us.

Performs a task only by following instructions, if the result given by the computer is being given wrong then its program In can be no mistake that is produced by human

The third feature of a computer is Automation.

When the computer is given a later instruction, it will continue to work automatically (Automation) until the task is complete,

for example, when the printer is asked to print 100 pages from the computer, then print the entire 100 pages.

After this, the PC gets directions to do every one of these commands, he finishes them based on these guidelines. To each work is independent program/programming to with keeping”

The fourth feature of a computer is permanent storage:

The memory of the computer is using for the permanent storage of data, information, and instructions.

Since information is store electronically in a computer, the information is less likely to end.

The fifth feature of a computer is a large storage capacity:

Unlimited data and information can be saved in a computer’s external and internal storage mediums (hard disk, floppy disk, magnetic tape, CD RAM).

Information can be saved in a computer that occupies less space. Hence its storage capacity is huge and unlimited.

The sixth feature of the computer is to retrieve stored information fast (Fast Retrieval):

The necessary information can be access to information stored in a few seconds by computer use. The utilization of RAM-Random Access Memory has made that work much simpler.

The seventh element of PCs is Quick Decision capacity:

The PC investigates the circumstance with the capacity to settle on brisk choices dependent on the guidelines given before

Eighth feature of a computer (Versatility):

Various types of tasks we can do with the help of a computer. Present-day PCs can do various sorts of assignments at the same time.

Repetition of the computer’s new feature:
By ordering a computer, the same type of work can be performed repeatedly and reliably.

The tenth characteristic of computers is Agility:

The PC being a machine is without human deformities. It doesn’t feel tired and weariness and works with an equivalent limit unfailingly.

Eleventh Feature of Computer Secrecy:

The utilization of a secret key can make the PC’s work confidential.

Just the individual who realizes the secret word can view or change the information and projects kept in the PC utilizing the secret key

The twelfth trait of PCs is Uniformity of work:

Regardless of doing likewise task over and over and constantly, the nature of work of the PC has no impact.

Limitations of Computer – Limitations of Computer

You have definitely known the qualities of a PC, a PC does a ton of your work, yet there are a few impediments of the PC that the PC can’t work outside.

Let’s know what are the limitations of computers

Absence of Intelligence – A PC is a machine.

It doesn’t have a similar knowledge as a human, it just adheres to the directions given by the client, regardless of the PC neither works not exactly the guidelines given.

Lack of Common Scene – It is also important to know that the computer never makes any mistake, but if the user does wrong thing then it does not get the normal sense i.e.

if you have not told the computer If “Seema is a girl”, then she will consider him by default, she does not know the difference in name, Computer is not an intelligent machine, it is unable to identify right or wrong.

Dependence on electricity – A computer needs electricity to work, without electricity a computer is no more and less than a metal box.

Upgrade and Update – A computer is a machine that has to be upgraded and update from time to time.

if it is not updated then the computer is not able to function properly

Threats– A PC is constantly powerless against threats when a threat shows up, it can harm the PC working framework just as the secured documents in it.t.

computer full form | Top 12 Characteristics of computer

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