What is server in computer networking?
What is server in computer networking?

What is server in computer networking?

Hi friends today we are going to discuss What is server in computer networking? what is client server network security? and what is server in networking, so read the post till the end this post is going to very interesting for you.

So, friends, You must have heard the word server somewhere, if you fill the online form, then you must know that the server of the website of filling the form goes down on the last date of filling the form.

If you go to the bank for a transaction, you must have sometimes heard the bank’s employee say that today the bank’s server is down.

Today we will talk about this computer server, you will know what is a server? What is its meaning and what is its function? What is the type? how does it work? What hardware and operating system are required for this? Read this article for complete information about the server

What is server in computer networking?
What is the server in computer networking?

What is server in computer networking?

What is server in Networking?, In networking a server is a type of computer whose job is to store data and provide service to other computers and devices (called clients) connected to the network.

When the client needs some kind of information or data, he contacts the server concerned and sends a request to him to get that information, as soon as the request is received, the server, after doing some important processing, sends that data to the client in response Sends

The server can mean any hardware or software, or it can be both. Talking about hardware, a powerful processor and hard disk are the most important parts for storage while talking about software, these are some programs that use different types of functions and services by using server hardware properly. provide.

Servers are mostly dedicated, that is, these 24 hours are always connected to the internet and most of them only work as servers, apart from this, no other work is taken from this system.

You can also make it a server by installing server software in your computer or laptop, but this type of server will be called a non-dedicated server as it cannot work continuously for 24 hours without shutting down.

What is server in computer networking?
What is server?

What is server importance?

The server has a very important function in any organization and it helps to do many important tasks in an easy manner. The powerful programs installed in it perform many complex tasks like calculation, transactions, billing etc. in a few seconds keeping in mind the security and privacy.

The main function of the server is to share data or resources between the devices connected to the network, besides it can run a particular program to perform some special task according to the need. Although it has many functions but some of them are as follows:

  • Handling client requests
  • Managing network resources
  • For data storage and transmission
  • For website hosting
  • For online video streaming
  • For online gaming
  • For complex transactions in the bank

Nowadays at least one server is installed in almost every industry, every office, and it manages all the divides of the office, apart from this, give a computer print command to the same device such as a printer connected to the network there. Might

What is client server network security?
What is client server network security?

What is client server network security?

Client is a kind of computer hardware and we can also call it software which serves to serve us through server.

Even if your server is in a computer system, its service can be monitored through the client network. We call the client server model to work with such care.

What is a client computer? 

The client works with the help of a computer or program to send signals to other computer hardware and software that run from the server. As an example, we can understand this as a web browser is also a kind of client that is connected to the web server and makes the web page visible.

The email client also takes the email from the mail server. The sites on which we chat online also use a wide variety of clients. Video games and computer games etc. are also run on a lot of computers with the help of clients. The client is also a part of the client server model that we still use a lot today.

A client and a server are computer programs that run on the same machine and connect to the technology of the internal communication medium and are used to communicate.

Client-server structure type

  1. Thick – We also call it rich client or flat client, it works to process data and does not completely depend on the server. Our computers are also an example of a fat client. There are many options in it so that it works to increase the capacity of the client. Computers that work as a signal to a single machine are very helpful in taking and sending files from the network and we also call them workstations.
  2. Thin – Thin clients serve as host computer processing. It shows the processed data which is displayed by the server application which performs a large amount of data processing.
  3. Hybrid – It is a mixture of both the above models. It depends on the server for the best data. A device that runs the online video game Diablo 3 is an example of a hybrid client.

Types of computer networking server

There are many types of Serves in the world of Computer Networking. A server is a machine, which can be designed to connect machines with each other. A variety of tasks are performed by the server for a variety of convenience.

File server

A file server is a server that stores and manages files, along with it allows file server users to share files. A file server is a computer connected to a network that provides a location for shared disk access, that is, a shared storage of computer files (such as documents, sound files, photographs, movies, images, databases, etc.) that are accessed by workstations. Are done.

Database server

A Database Server is a computer system whose function is to provide services related to accessing and retrieving data from the database. After receiving the information inside the database, it gives output of request data by the user. It is similar to a warehouse, where the website’s data and information is stored and maintained.

Many companies use database servers for storage. Users access the data using the query language related to the database. SQL is a good example of query language.

Web server

A web server is a server that runs websites. It is also called a computer program. Its main function is to store, process and deliver the web page to the users. It uses hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) to communicate.

The data of all those websites on the Internet is stored in web servers. The web server displays web pages to the user through a web browser. Whenever a user intercepts the URL of a website on a web browser like chrome, mozilla, internet explorer, the web server receives the request for that URL and the web server sends the data to the device through the web browser to the user.

Proxy server

Proxy server, also known as “proxy”. It acts as a gateway between the user and the Internet when a client connects to a proxy server and requests for a service. For example, for a web-page, it evaluates how to simplify that request and control its complexity. It acts as a mediator between client program and external server for network connection sharing, network data filtering and data caching.

Mail Server

A Mail Server or Email Server is a computer system technology that sends and receives email. The mail server is also called mail server transfer agent (MTA) or internet mailer. Every email we send passes through a series of mail servers. When you send a mail, it immediately reaches another. It uses a client-server application model to send and receive messages using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

Application server

Application Server is a framework, it is an environment where applications can run. Application Server includes a server operating system (OS) and server hardware that provides computing-intensive operations and services for the application. It is a framework where an application server is used to develop and run all the applications. There are several types such as PHP, Java and .NET framework.

Ftp server

Everyday thousands of files on the Internet are transferred from one computer to another. Most of these files are transferred through the File Transfer Protocol. It is commonly called FTP for short. Its full name is File transfer protocol, whose function is to transfer file. When you request a web page on a web browser, the browser uses the same protocol to display your file. FTP is a way to transfer files to any computer in the world, which is connected to the Internet.

I hope this information is helpful for you if any queries about post you can comment in the comment box. thank you

what is server in computer networking? client-server security
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