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IKR full form

IKR full form | Full form of IKR | Full form of IKR in chat

Welcome friends on your own site full form nonstop! today we are going to see about the full form of IKR in chat and messaging, and how to use it while chatting with friends.

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What does lKR mean in a text message?

The full form of ikr is “I know, Right” in chat

IKR’s full form “I know, Right? They say IKR or ikr, “I Know, Right?” Is an abbreviation of. It is commonly used to confirm and actually agree with a statement. Let us go ahead and provide you a little more detail about it.

 IKR stands for I Know, Right? It is Internet slang, a popular expression of agreement, which is commonly used in line chatting, messaging, e-mail, etc. It is an informal response that is used to express agreement with another person’s statement, i.e. that he or she is also the same idea conducive to showing it by someone.

It is one of the most popular internet slangs used by the youth on the Internet. For example: You are chatting with your best friend on Facebook.

What do you reply to Ikr? full form of IKR in chat

What is IKR

It means “I know, right?” It is often used sarcastically or in place of a proverb such as “Tell me about it.” For example, if someone told their friend, “Hey, sorry, but I can’t hang out tonight because I have a ton of homework,” the friend might say, “Oh that sucks,” to which The original person would respond, “IKR.” Hope this helps.

IKR I know, right? It is very difficult to keep up the trend of new words or hashtags on social media. I also sometimes get that sinking feeling in my gut. This is like yesterday I came to know about TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) but today they call TBT (Throwback Thursday), the last day my cousin wrote me PAW!

But IMO (in my opinion) we all should be aware of these conditions. Check out these 10 slang words that you need to know to keep pace with the trend. 😉

IKR is an abbreviation for the phrase “I know, right”. The phrase first appeared in the early 1990s, and its first use in electronic communication can be traced back to at least 2004.

This phrase is in itself a pet for some language commentators. The phrase “I know,” in itself indicates that we are saying something about another person or we agree with it. According to some critics, adding the word “right” turns the phrase into a question. However, “I know, right” in “right” is actually a way of adding emphasis. Using “it isn’t” instead of “right” can also work in a similar way.

Ikra is a little different from I know or yes because it can show that you strongly agree, or you agree with someone’s disbelief. It can also convey a feeling of relief that someone shares your feelings about something.

In short, IKR is used in informal communication, especially online or via texting, not required to write it in all caps, although you can do so if you want. It is not written with a comma between Kashmir and R.

For example, You are chatting with your best friend on Facebook.
Ramesh: Hi
Suresh: Hello
Ramesh: What’s up?
Suresh: I’m going to organize a party! you have to come?
Ramesh: IKR (I know, Right)

I hope this is informative post for your search, and if you have any another full form of IKR please share with us with a comment in the comment box thank you

what does the “IKR full form” in chat | How to use in chat?

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