TY full form
TY full form

TY full form

Thanks to the comeback on your own site full form nonstop! make it easy today we are seeing about the TY full form, what does TY mean in a text message? What does Ty mean on Instagram? all the guides you will get here. so today’s topic is TY full form lets learn.

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full form of TY
Full form of ty

The full form of TY stands for THANK YOU! yes it’s so easy we daily use thank you in our friend circle while chatting and while chatting on Instagram, Facebook, share chat, WhatsApp, many more social platforms.

How TY is used in a Text message? just we take a few examples of it.

EX- TWO friends chatting on Whatsapp about homework so let’s see,

RAM- I didn’t do my homework, I think I will get punished tomorrow

SHAM – Don’t worry friend I will help you tonight, I have completed my homework and I was going to pass by your house so I will meet you tonight at your home we will complete it don’t worry!


2) Suresh- can you send last clicked selfies

Ramesh- yeah, just a minute,

Suresh- got it TY!

I hope you got it what is the full form of TY, If you have any queries about any keyword please comment in the comment box, we will definitely help you.

TY full form|What does TY mean in text message?

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